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Prop 47 Mr. Green can petition the court for you and get a state prison felony reduced at the local court level. Excellent Value! Pushes for best resolution… Holden W. Green Mr. Green called me back from his personal cell phone on a Saturday. I was calling from over seas on an old San Jose case. He found my old case numbers and in a month, everything was expunged. Left 5 stars on Yelp… Great Lawyer that you can count on… Amazing Experience Mr. Green went above and beyond my expectations… Gave Me Back My Life! Holden Green Attorney has just saved my life as I know it… Theft Case Resolution the public defender had my felony case for 9 months and it was headed for trial. I hired Mr. Green and in 45 days the DA dismissed the case from a motion he filed… Responsive and Empathetic Mr. Green has a kind, empathetic manner… Great Lawyer! I have chosen Attorney Green for his professionalism. Not only he is a very organized attorney, he is indeed honest… Starting Over this is my second time hiring Mr. Green because he helped me so much the first time that I trusted him to handle my case again… Great Lawyer for DUI Expungment I tried to file on my own and it was rejected. Mr. Green was able to negotiate the dismissal of both DUI’s… Good Lawyer, Very Attentive I was given clear instructions by Mr. Green on what I needed to do to get my reduction. Mr. Green was very professional… Highly Recommended Mr. Green is an outstanding, caring and experienced attorney. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of criminal defense representation… Business Acumin Mr. Green has always been responsive, concise and well informed. I would recommend him for any dispute or criminal matter… Professional, Knowledgeable, and knows what he’s doing in a court room… Responsive and Informed Mr. Green presents himself well and is very knowledgeable about a wide spectrum of legal concerns… Great Attorney Mr. Green wrote a strong declaration, and petition for factual innocence for me and my record was sealed/cleared… Very Productive Consultation I have saved a fortune due to your knowledge and expertise… Great Criminal Defense Lawyer Mr. Green was very communicative and efficient… Mr. Green will Fight for You! Mr. Green convinced the DA that I was innocent by self-defense . It was not easy, but he hung in there and got the case dismissed for insufficiency of the evidence . Terrific!
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